Matawan Huskies Football & Cheer







Age: 3-4




Age: 5-7




Age: 8-10




Age: 11-14

*Practice starts July 22*

at Matawan High School @6pm please meet by snack stand

Team info 

Mini’s (Age 3-4) Diamonds- Coach Jennifer Coach Meiyana

Flag (Age 5-8) Crystals- Coach Jessica & Coach Anisa

D10 (Age 7-10) Rubies Coach TBD & Coach TBD

D14 (Age 11-14) Sapphires Coach Tionna & Coach Amanda

Practice will be held 3x’s a week during the summer and 2x’s a week during the school year. Games typically are held on Sundays. Tumbling is required for an addition fee (1hour tumbling class).

Call us today to find out more information about our program please call us at: 973-207-7670

Email address for cheer

Check us out on facebook: Matawan-Aberdeen Youth Cheer Program

Check us out on instagram: matawan_huskies_youth_cheer

2018 Jersey Shore Cheer Championships

Division 12- 2nd place *history was made

2018 Big East Regional Competition

Divison 12- 1st Place *history was made

2018 National Championships

Division 12- 5th Place *history was made

2019 National Champions

Division 14– 1st Place